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Ms. K(non-registered)
You have the soul of an artist, the mind of a scientist, the heart of a grandma, a thirst for knowledge, and an appreciation for the beauty on planet earth.. No wonder your photos are beyond compare.
These look sooo cool, Aj! Great job
Thanks for sharing your photos and windows to your world. Appreciate!
Richard Juhl(non-registered)
It is said that clean and dry are good but sometimes wet and slimy are just what you need.
The photos are very good. I especially liked the fish that looked like the one that Ellen de Generis voiced in "finding Nemo." I liked the seahorse looking at himself (herself?) in the glass too.
The jellyfish are beautiful....and so were the seahorses!
Your pictures bring joy and peace to my heart too.
I think all your pictures are beautiful
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